How to practice Oracle SQL without installation of Oracle Database and Oracle SQL Developer

Basic requirement to install Oracle database software into your personal system:

  • AMD Opteron, Intel Pentium® at 500 MHz or faster, or Intel EM64T
  • Minimum 500 MB free disk space for installation, 10 GB recommended
  • Minimum 1 GB physical memory, 4 GB recommended

If your system is not meeting above requirement to install Oracle database or your system is fully occupied with lots of other application and you don’t have memory to install additional software.

You no need to worry for your systems basic hardware requirement, you even can practice SQL in your system by using online SQL Compiler, it gives you more flexibility to use online SQL tool, you can access your SQL database from anywhere and do practice.

Only things required to use online Oracle SQL Compiler is to Create Oracle Account, below are the steps how you can access Oracle SQL Compiler.

Step1: Visit link:

Step2: Click on ‘Start Coding Now’

Step3: Click on ‘Create Account’

Step4: Now fill the below form and click on ‘Create Account’

Note: After creating account you will be receiving an email from Oracle organization for ‘Email Verification’ than you have to verify your email and set your password.

Step5: Once done above steps you have to follow again Step1 and Step2 and in Step3 you have to fill your registered email address and password to login in ‘Oracle Live SQL’ Web Portal, after login you get below screen to run your SQL command.

Step6: For Demo creating an EMP table and inserting one record

  1. Created one EMP table with DataType character

Syntax: create table emp(name varchar2(100));

  • Inserted one record

Syntax: Insert into emp values('Nilesh');

  • You can fetch the inserted record by writing select command

Syntax: select * from emp;


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