How to Setup Oracle Jdeveloper with Oracle Database

Overview: Oracle JDeveloper setup is a basic need for creating success OAF pages, with correct setup it allows to interact OAF pages with Oracle Database, it gives permission to perform DQL and DML operation with Oracle Database.

Step1: Open the JDeveloper and goto: Tool -> Default Project Properties

Step2: Click on edit button to fill the credentials, as shown below

Step3: Fill the Connection Name in tab ‘Type’, as shown below

Step4: Fille the backend userName and password in Authentication tab, as shown below

Step5: Fill the details such as ‘Host Name’, ‘JDBC Port’, ‘SID’ field in connection tab as shown below

Step6: Click on ‘test connection’ to test the credentials is correct or not, as shown below

Step7: Fill the frontend UserName and password with assigned responsibility shortName, as shown below

Step8: For DBC File browse the correct DBC file from your Local System, path should be same as shown below

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